Stable Value Assets in a Rising Rate Environment

Based on the Fed’s current economic outlook showing a strengthening U.S. economy, the Fed has started normalizing interest rates and their balance sheet at a slow, but controlled pace…

Market Overview

ICMA-RC’s Wayne Wicker, CFA, Senior Vice President & Chief Investment Officer, discusses the financial markets’ performance over the past quarter and potential upcoming market activity in the First Quarter 2018 Market Overview.


Changes to the Milestone Funds

The Vantagepoint Milestone Funds recently experienced some innovative changes…


Our investment process combines the demonstrated market expertise from our award-winning subadvisers with the disciplined due diligence and oversight of our in-house fund managers.

Extensive Investment Offerings

Our fund lineup incorporates diversification of ideas, strategies, and asset classes, including equity, fixed income, target-date, target-risk, and stable value investment options.

Retirement Focus

With a long-term perspective toward retirement planning, our funds offer a disciplined asset allocation process with competitive performance and pricing.

Our process is powered by








Average Manager tenure2

Data as of 3/31/2018

Multi-Manager Skill

Our team of professionals conducts independent selection and oversight of third-party institutional investment managers. These professionals have access to award-winning institutional managers with demonstrated expertise across all asset classes.


Our team brings together a broad and diverse set of ideas, styles, and strategies for competitive performance in all market conditions. We work with a portfolio of complementary investment managers with distinct investment styles to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Disciplined, Proven Process

Our process is marked by continuous manager research and due diligence, thoughtful portfolio construction and asset allocation, and risk management and manager oversight. We have a history of systemized due diligence designed to decrease operational risks.


Our Multi-Managed Funds

We believe that in addition to traditional investment approaches such as diversification, asset allocation, and a long-term perspective, a multi-manager approach and investment style serve investors who are working to build retirement security.

In a multi-managed approach, managers with different but complementary investing approaches are selected and integrated within a single fund in proportions that are expected to optimize return relative to risk. We believe this not only increases diversification but also may improve the consistency of returns over time by eliminating reliance on the results of a single manager.



Stable Value Assets in Rising Rate Environments

As tumultuous as 2017 was politically and culturally, economic data...

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Market Outlook


First Quarter Market Overview

The S&P 500 experienced one of the shortest corrections...

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Changes to the Vantagepoint Milestone Funds

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2018 Outlook: Tax Reform, Fed Policy, and Technology Keep the Economy on Course and the Stock Market Thriving

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Market Outlook


Fourth Quarter Market Overview

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1 Vantagepoint Funds are the VT PLUS Fund, the VT III Vantagepoint Funds, and those VT Vantagepoint Funds that invest in a single VT III Vantagepoint Fund. VT Vantagepoint Funds, the VT PLUS Fund and VT III Vantagepoint Funds are collective investment trust funds (CITs) established and maintained by VantageTrust Company, LLC (VTC), a wholly owned subsidiary of ICMA-RC, a New Hampshire non-depository trust company, and the sole trustee of these CITs. Eligible retirement plans may invest in the VT PLUS Fund or the VT Vantagepoint Funds, which are funds of VantageTrust. ICMA-RC provides investment advisory and management services to VTC with respect to the VT and VT III Funds. Certain VT and VT III Funds invest in other funds managed and administered by ICMA-RC. ICMA-RC receives asset-based fees from such underlying funds in addition to the asset-based fees it receives from the VT and VT III Funds. Please see ICMA-RC’s Form ADV, available at, for more information.

2 Each VT Vantagepoint Fund invests in a VT III Vantagepoint Fund that has the same investment objective and strategies. Prior to October 2016, each VT Vantagepoint Fund invested in a registered Vantagepoint Fund mutual fund that had the same investment objective and strategies. In October 2016, the Vantagepoint Fund mutual funds were liquidated and the assets were transferred to the VT III Vantagepoint Funds. In the event that a subadviser to the VT III Vantagepoint Funds was also a subadviser to the Vantagepoint Fund that preceded it, the average subadviser tenure with the VT III Vantagepoint Funds is calculated using both time periods.