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Second Quarter Equity Market Overview and Outlook

U.S. equities recorded another strong quarter of performance as the economic reopening continued to gain steam. The S&P 500 rose 8.55% in the second quarter as the continued rollout of the coronavirus vaccine and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions helped spur a surge in consumer spending and business activity.

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Second Quarter Fixed Income Market Overview and Outlook

The reopening recovery of the U.S. economy is well underway and is showing improvement in a wide variety of segments. However, some of this optimism has been tempered by a shortage of goods and labor, which are impacting supply chains.

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Diversity: The Vantagepoint Advantage

Lots of companies tout the diversity of their workforce these days, but at Vantagepoint it's been in our DNA since...

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First Flash – Second Quarter 2021

A summary of the market and economic developments during the fourth quarter....

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The Vantagepoint View – Second Quarter

A summary of Vantagepoint Investment Adviser’s latest 12-month outlook for the stock and bond markets....

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